• Memorial Day BBQ

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Steak, Reimagined

The Meat Cellar butcher shop and restaurant is Chef Anthony and Sara Villegas' first culinary breakthrough. Found in Claremont, California, the Home of the Tomahawk invites guests to experience the highest quality meat and seafood the world has to offer.

Located in the heart of Claremont, CA

"The Meat Cellar is a great place to go for high quality meat and a great dinner. You don't have to dress formally to come here, but if you do, you will still fit right in. As you wait for your party to be called, you can check out their selection of meats from the butcher counter, as well as selection of wines and oils. The atmosphere looks fancy but welcoming. They had beautiful wooden decor and a fully stocked bar. The restaurant had a well lit dining area but around 8pm they dimmed the lights, which created a more romantic and intimate environment."

-Vanessa S, Yelp

"Overall the atmosphere and staff were epic! The food was spectacular! We will definitely be back many times over."

Jim S, Yelp